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Control Gear & Lamp
  Magnetic Ballast
Electronic Transformer
Electronic Ballast
PL Gear
HID Gear
LED Driver
Fluorescent Circle Tube
Energy-saving lamp
Fluorescent Linear Tube
Halogen Lamp
Metal Halide Lamp
HPS Lamp
Lamp Holder
Indoor Range
  Metal-halide Light
CFL & PL Downlight
Fluorescent luminaires
Multiple Light
Halogen Downlight
Spot Light
High Bay Light
Wall Light
Outdoor Range
  Road Light
Flood Light
Garden Light
Lawn Light
Under Ground Light
Underwater Light
Wall Light
Water Proof Fluorescent Fitting
Residential Lighting
  Flower light
Kitchen Light
Ceiling Lamp
Crystal Lamp
Guest Room Light
Mirror Front Lamp
Table Lamp
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How does hid ballast work for hid bulb?
+2015-10-13 14:31:10
How does high pressure mercury ballast works for mercury bulb?
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James Lighting Technology Corporation was found in 1981, is the NO.1 of magnetic ballast & electronic ballast manufacturer in China, one of the top 4 in the world, is the biggest European lighting fixtures supplier in mainland, it set up a LED factory in 1999, a leading manufacturer of led light bars, there are four factories in different cities James lighting manufactures products that apply mainly to magnetic ballast,flood light,lamp holder,electronic ballast,Led light bars,export to USA ,French, Germany, Italy, and so on, all products are RoHS and CE compliant.
HOT Products
Fluorescent ballasts,Magnetic chokes for HID,CFL Bulbs,LED Grow Lights,LED Light Bars
Fluorescent ballasts 40W, Led bulb lights Gu10 3*1W, Mr 16, B2 BALLAST 18W, Waterproof fitting2*36W, Floodlights fixture150W, T5 tube fixture, Led T8 tube light, Magnetic chokes for HID, CFL bulbs,Led grow lights, led light bars
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LED Lighting
James Lighting has become one of the
largest lighting manufacturing
enterprises which involve D&D center,
manufacturing, sale and service. James
lighting products cover many illumination
industries such as LED road...
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Experience Light
James Lighting is enabling
breakthroughs in energy savings and
creating new value in lighting for its OEM
partners with the introduction of LED
modules that address the needs of many
lighting applications...
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Fluorescent ballasts,Magnetic chokes for HID,CFL Bulbs,LED Grow Lights,LED Light Bars
Sustainability -- meeting the needs of the
present generation without compromising
the ability of future generations to
meet their own needs—is an integral part
of the way we do business, and has been
for quite some time...
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Fluorescent ballasts,Magnetic chokes for HID,CFL Bulbs,LED Grow Lights,LED Light Bars
Demand for energy is rising at an ever
increasing rate and simply building
more generation capacity is not the
answer.Most of the energy we use for
lighting relies on burning fossil fuels
such as gas, oil and coal...
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Our responsibility is to produce the LED Light Bars,Magnetic ballast,Electronic ballast,Fluorescent ballasts, CFL Bulbs, LED Grow Lights, flood light,lamp holder
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